My favourite recipe :)

Hi everyone! I’m in good mood today and yeah, I’m writing my favourite recipe so each and everyone of you can enjoy the tastiness of this recipe. 🙂 Hope you enjoy ( no pictures I forgot where I put my Pendrive…) So, here it is and put a like or comment below, so, ENJOY!!! :).

Homemade French toast with Strawberries

Ingredients and tools:

1/2 cup of milk

3 eggs

wholemeal bread 2pcs ( for example )

strawberries  ( 1 strawberry for one serving )

cinnamon sugar


a skillet


a fork


Firstly, take 1/2 a cup of milk out of the fridge.

Next, take 3 eggs and butter.

Then, take a fork and start to break the eggs.

And then, add milk to the eggs and start mixing it.

Next, take out the wholemeal bread and dip it into the mixture.

Then, get ready with your skillet and put the soaked bread on the skillet and cook with low heat. Cook till golden-brown and remember to flip it!

Now you may think it’s done but it’s not! Here’s what you’re missing, the toppings!

Now, cut a strawberry in any way you like and for the finishing touch, sprinkle a dash of cinnamon sugar serve warm.

And now, enjoy this recipe with your family or friends so, next time I’ll be back with another blog and so, see you then!!!:)












2 thoughts on “My favourite recipe :)

    1. Hi, Mr . Casey, I love to see what you comment on my blog. And have this GREAT idea coming out of my head. Mr . Casey, why won’t we chat like this when we can’t see each another?!!


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