Now that’s funny!

Ha! Ha! Now that is funny! If you think that’s funny, leave a comment and laugh for me! And today I’m gonna tell you guys riddles and jokes :)! Okay, first one.

JOKES                                                                                                                                                                                Why did the chicken refused to join in the band?

Because he forgot his “drumsticks”! Ha! Now that’s a funny joke!

Why did the rock and ice – cream cone didn’t agree with each other?

Because it was a hard coneculsion.

What is Dracula’s favourite sport?


What did the peanut said to the elephant?

NOTHING. Because peanuts don’t talk!

Why did the young sheep cried after school?

It’s because she failed her Baalogy test.


There was a woman who lived in a 100-storey building, one day, she jumped out of her window, she fell down and leaving only a few bruises and scratches, how was this possible?

It’s because she lived on the first floor!

How do you make a goldfish old?

Easy. Take out the ‘G’ out of goldfish and it’ll become an oldfish!

OK, I’ll end this blog with a cute one.

What is a cat but is not a cat?

Well, a kitten of course!








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