Hi everybody! Who ready for fandom??!

And do you know what’s coming first?? 😉 You know it, who doesn’t know? It’s ANIME!!!


Heck yeah, GAMIN’ IN THE GEAR! (Look at picture above) And tell me which Anime characters do you like/love. I’m just killing to know which Anime character you freaking like/love!! (P.S, did you know that I actually like YANDERE-SIMULATOR?!!) Oh yeah, sorry about the double-exclamation marks…( Tell me myths about Yandere-Sim, pls!! I’m begging to know)!!

Anyways, lets move out of Anime and go to..(~drumroll~).. FNAF!!! Everybody loves FNAF, don’t they?? Hmm…I wonder if everybody actually loves/likes FNAF and the FNAF fans out there could probably be thinking of this question maybe now, right guys?? Anyways, lets move on to the picture!!


So, do you think this blog is over? 😉 No, it’s not over yet! Anyways, lets continue. Um, can you wait for you guys wait for a sec? I have to think what’ll be next… Aha! I know what’s next now! Pokémon! Tell me how many OR what types of Pokémon you got in the game and type or write in the comments!



Don't mind the bad word

Well, that’s all for today. Next time, I’ll be making new blogs for you guys. ( And tell me in the comments what to write about next = ) )


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